Hey Drivers… Road Safety: It's your choice!

Collisions don't happen by accident, they are preventable occurrences resulting from drivers making poor choices behind the wheel.

According to the Traffic Injury Research Foundation;

More than 90% of road crashes are a result of human error or condition. This means that road crashes are entirely preventable.

Leading causes of preventable collisions:

  • Distracted driving
  • Alcohol Impaired driving
  • Drug Impaired driving
  • Driver Fatigue
  • Aggressive driving

Being a safe driver starts with you; it's your choice!

Every time you get behind the wheel, you are at risk of being in a collision. The choices you make not only affects you and the passengers in your vehicle but it affects every other road user (seen and unseen) that is in your vicinity.

We all see the drivers with the bad habits: no signals, no shoulder checks, speeding, not stopping at stop signs. We all agree that something needs to change…

So… what are you doing?

May 18 – 24, 2021 is Canada Road Safety week an initiative of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police designed to increase compliance with safe driving measures. Police forces across the country are invited to actively participate in this campaign and to encourage citizens in their respective community to adopt safe driving practices.

Here are a few things you can do to make the roads safer for everyone:

  • Put your phone away; the calls & texts can wait
  • Reduce your speed
  • Use your signals
  • Obey all traffic signals and signs
  • Don't drive if there is a possibility of impairment
  • Be heads up to other road users

The Region of Waterloo and the Waterloo Regional Police Services actively promote road safety; check out their Safe Roads Campaign to find more ways you can contribute to safer roads in our community.

New drivers benefit from learning about Road Safety as part of their Beginner Driver Education program at Treadz.

It's your choice; safe driving starts with you. Enroll today.

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