As of Friday, July 17th, we are allowed to resume in-car lessons, we will be prioritizing lessons for students whose:

  • Courses have expired or are due to expire,

  • Followed by finishing up lessons for students that were close to completion

If you fall into one of these categories, the instructor will be contacting you directly to book the balance of your lessons.  Once these lessons have been booked, we will open up the self-service calendar and allow students to book their hours.

NOTE:   If you took your course prior to September 2019, your instructor will be expecting to book all of your outstanding hours in an effort to close your file. Once this initial backlog has subsided, we will reach out to students that are waiting to start or have hours to finish up.

Please be patient as we work through this process.  Everyone will get served, as quickly as is humanly possible.

If you have any concerns about timing, please email  Gail will be reviewing emails in the evening and sorting through student requests.

Now that we are able to resume in-car lessons, the MTO requires all students to wear a mask for their lessons.  If you have a lesson and do not have a mask, I will have a small supply available for purchase at a cost of $2/each.  To minimize the risk of the spread of infection, please be aware of the following policy changes:

Students must...

  1. Be screened to ensure that they:  are feeling well; no fever, coughing, sneezing, sore throat and have not been in contact with anyone that has an active Covid-19 infection
  2. Wear a mask for the entirety of their in-car lessons and if necessary purchase a mask $2/each from the instructor
  3. Wash your hands with hand sanitizer (provided) prior to commencing with the lesson and at the end of the lesson.
  4.  Take your mask with you at the end of your lesson; no garbage, water bottles, etc is to be left in the instructors vehicle.

Your instructor will...

  1. Wipe down all touch surfaces in the driver cockpit with a disinfectant prior to your entry to the vehicle and at the completion of your lesson
  2. Provide hand sanitizer for student use
  3. Carry a small quantity of single use masks for those that forget to wear a mask for lessons.  Cost $2/each.
  4. Wear a mask during the entirety of your lesson

Should you not feel well; please inform your instructor by text ASAP and your lesson will be rescheduled when you are feeling better. 


A few hints to make booking easier:

First lesson?  Always book a one hour lesson; this lesson is an introductory lesson where the instructor will assess your current driving skills and set a plan for future lessons.

Sign In:  The first time you book a lesson through the portal, square automatically makes an account for you. To book or revise lessons, just sign in with your cell number and you can book new lessons, cancel lessons or change pick up locations.


Pick up location:  Make sure you clarify your pick up address or the instructor will automatically go to the address on your registration paperwork.  

Lesson length:  Once you have completed the first lesson, you can decide whether you want to do 1 hour or 90 minute lessons during future lessons.

Lesson start time:  Book your in-car lessons at times that work best for you. If you need a slight modification in timing, leave a note when you book the lesson.  Lesson requests are reviewed by the instructor to ensure that they can accommodate your timing. When the instructor approves your lesson they will update the start time as well.

Cancelling a lesson:  Lessons that are more than 48 hours away can be cancelled by the student online.  If you are having troubles, contact your driving instructor to assist you.

Having trouble booking?... Can't find any times?  Text your instructor; they will be able to help you find something that works for you.